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Alex de Geus - Founder

Fabian Hänggi - Co-Founder

The challenge

As an entrepreneur, board member, leading employee of various companies and organizations and with our multifaceted experience we support you in every phase of the business process.

Our focus is on developing strategies and solutions for your company and ensuring a successful and effective connection between the company and its audience.

A strong sense of detail, an eye for the big picture and an always creative mindset - our assets for services of the highest quality.

  • We want to simplify, activate, innovate, introduce trends, optimize

  • We are rational, emotional, passionate, creative, service-oriented  


Based on our network, we work situatively and project-specifically with a diversified team of experienced experts

and specialists.

The success of your project is our goal.

We are looking forward to inspiring contacts and exciting projects.


Alex de Geus - Fabian Hänggi

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